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The crypto industry is getting more competitive than ever before. With more crypto projects delivering the same services, the teams are getting more creative, with fast delivery on their roadmaps being key. There are a lot of developments going on, and a lot of new things are coming up from various projects. This list has some of the best cryptocurrencies on 2022 and the new things about them that the crypto community may need to know:


Bitgert crypto project just celebrated 6 months since it started. But one thing that has stood out for this project is the team’s delivery of the products. The team has launched so many products for a 6-months-old project. Brise wallet, Audit programs, Bitgert swap, and Bitgert staking are just some of the products already launched.

But the newest thing for the Bitgert project is the metaverse product. The team announced on Twitter that the project is entering the metaverse industry. The team also clarifies that the product is in its roadmap V 2.0. In addition to that, the Bitgert community is eagerly waiting for the tier-1 exchange listing. The long-anticipated Bitgert iOS wallet is also coming soon.


Launched on 19th November 2021, Centcex is one of the newest crypto projects on this list. But good projects can be seen from the start, and this is why Centcex has been doing very well for a 2-month-old project. Centcex is a crypto project with the ability to satisfy blockchain users and investors fully. This is through the development of Centcex crypto apps that offer unmatched features and 100% APY staking rewards for investors.

The new thing for the Centcex project is the cryptocurrency exchange development, the first product. The team is already in the advanced stages of this product development. The completion of its database structure and UI has been the recent news. Centcex community is waiting for more development updates and more so the launch dates.


Solana is still the fastest blockchain in the industry today. With the current throughput of 65,000 tps, Solana is thousands of times faster than Ethereum and Bitcoin. This is the reason $SOL has been doing very well in the crypto market. Solana has been working on various facets of this crypto project, but the recent new thing is the Hacker Houses program.

In the hunt for more projects for Solana’s mainnet, the team is running a program called Hacker Houses. The program targets developers across the world who might start new projects on the Solana network. The main target is the NFT and DeFi developers. There is also something bit coming up according to the latest update from the team. The team is calling it a ‘wave.’ Check out Solana’s official Twitter account.


Avalanche looks like it might still be the fastest layer-2 scaling solution in 2022. The Avalanche team has been reporting the development of the network to make it faster and cheaper. The team is working on more advanced scaling solutions to make the mainnet faster. This means more developers will find Avalanche still the best platform for developing projects.

The new thing is the Avalanche Bridge that will enable users to transfer all ERC20 tokens without creating new wallet addresses. The new Avalanche Bridge will particularly work for MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, and WalletConnect wallets. There is also more news about the new projects joining the network.


Litecoin stands out as one of the digital currencies that have withstood the market forces for over a decade. The cryptocurrency launched in 2011 and has been gaining a lot in the market recently, with millions of merchants across the world now transacting LTC through the popular Litecoin visa card. News of new companies adopting Litecoin has been making updates recently.

However, the new thing for Litecoin is the just-launched MimbleWimble protocol, widely referred to as MWEB. The protocol upgrade has been worked on for the last two years to improve the mainnet scalability and fungibility. It is the biggest upgrade Litecoin has done in 10 years.


The Cardano network has been making a lot of developments that have seen the mainnet improve its performance. The team has been working on Plutus, the Cardano smart contract to make it more scalable and efficient. The Cardano wallet has also been improved with the team making it more effective by removing bugs and adding more features.

But the latest new thing that is making Cardano one of the most-watched cryptocurrencies is the scaling protocol upgrade. The team has been working on the Hydra scaling protocol, which is expected to make Cardano the fastest blockchain. The layer-2 scaling contract has a capacity of over 1 million tps.


There has been a lot of activities at Polygon (Matic) recently, with the new hiring being one of the most talked-about topics. In fact, some of the hirings have been attributed to the price surge Matic has been experiencing. The coming Ryan Watt from YouTube to Polygon Studios has made the news. The Polygon Studios is the NFT and gaming side of Polygon (Matic).

The new thing for Polygon (Matic) is hiring the Chief of Operation. The hiring at Polygon (Matic) is expected to revive the project and grow it biggest in 2022. The Polygon team has also been updating on the projects as more web3 developers join the network.