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The first day of February started on a high, with almost all cryptocurrencies green and posting impressive growth. February is usually a bull month, and there are expectations that the market might exhibit more bullish conditions than January. This is the month that most of the cryptocurrencies might recover from the previous months’ plunges. But what is happening to the best crypto project of this year? Has the bull run started? Read more below;


Bitgert ranks among the best crypto investments of 2022 because of the disruptiveness of the DeFi project the Bitgert team is promising to deliver, plus the accomplishments made so far. It is just 6 months since the project started, and so much has been achieved. Has the bull run started for Bitgert? The cryptocurrencies are doing well in the market, but the bull run is yet, though coming soon.

Bitgert bull is expected immediately after the team starts launching the products making the project unique. One of these products is the Bitgert CEX, which the team plans to release in Q1, and it’s currently being developed. But the launch of the gasless exchange is when Bitgert will hit full bull run. The current Bitgert price surge is just an indication of how big the bull run will be.


Centcex is posting impressive growth in coin value, but it is yet to start the bull run. The recent Centcex price surges have been a result of crypto investors who have understood the potential that this 2-month-old has. The bull run for the Centcex crypto coin is coming when the team launches the first products, and the staking process starts.

This is when the potential of the Centcex project will be seen. The 100% APY staking reward will be one of the reasons why investors will be joining Centcex in thousands every day. That’s when the bull run will be experienced. With the fast development of the Centcex exchange and staking program, that time is coming soon.

Shiba Inu

The price of the Shiba Inu coin has been good despite the crashing market. Shiba is one of the crypto projects that recorded good performance during the bear market. But the coin is yet to reach bull run. Shiba Inu is among the few projects that have experienced a bullish explosion, with the 2021 performance being one of the best so far. Therefore, it is clear that its bull run is yet started.

The Shiba team is in the process of making Shiba one of the best cryptocurrencies of 2022. The ongoing preparation for the Doggy DAO launch is one of the development that will play a key role in driving Shiba into a bull run. The growing products, including the upcoming Shiberse, a metaverse product, are also preparing Shiba Inu for the bull run.


Bitcoin has had a shaky start of the year, with the FED regulations being one of the reasons why BTC value dropped in January. With Bitcoin’s price dropping to $33k, BTC had reached the lowest price last seen in July 2021. At the time of writing, the Bitcoin price was slightly above $38k after the market started recovering coming February.

However, the surge is not a Bitcoin bull run. What is happening right now is just the market recovery. There are a number of things that will come into play for the Bitcoin to bull run. Immediately the FED regulation stabilizes and the Bitcoin adoption increases, the cryptocurrency will start experiencing a bullish explosion.  


1st of February, Ethereum was among the best performing crypto coins. With a 9% gain in the last 24 hours, Ethereum token price was surging fast. But the cryptocurrency is yet to hit the bull run but is soon going to. Ethereum is currently trading at slightly above $2,700, but the predicted price by the end of the year is $8,000.

The major factor that will take Ethereum on a bull run is the ongoing upgrading of the platform. The protocol upgrade has now started the second phase, and already, the network is hitting a higher hash rate ATH mainly because of the effect of the PoS consensus mechanism. Once the upgrade starts delivering, Ethereum will be on a bull run. So Ethereum bull run is just starting.


The Dogecoin prices in the market have been going up and down, but one thing that is clear is a surge. But is the surging prices equal to a bull run? Well, the answer is no. It is not yet a bull run for Dogecoin because there are a number of factors that will be needed for the coin to explode. But the Dogecoin team is getting there, and the bull run is nearing.

As a digital currency, the adoption of Dogecoin is key to its performance. There has to be an increasing number of merchants accepting Dogecoin to increase the demand for the crypto coin. The team is already getting this right, and the recent Tesla adoption is already causing a price surge. Therefore, the Dogecoin bull run is coming soon.

Binance coin

The recent surge in Binance coin prices has been impressive. The coin had gained over 3% to trade at $383 at the time of this writing. This is a huge gain for a coin that was trading at $342 just the other day. It is a surge that shows the coin fast gaining in the market and more so growing in demand.

However, the Binance coin has not started the bull, although it is heading there. The factors that will drive this coin to bull run include demand for the Binance exchange and BSC. The number of projects on the Binance Smart Chain is growing, and tokens on the exchange are also growing fast. Once the market stabilizes, the Binance coin will be on a bull run.