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It’s a bullish market as we enter February after a rough time in January. January crashes plunged all the big cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to an all-time low for the last 6 months. But that did not stop the crypto projects from growing in other aspects. There are many exciting updates the crypto community needs to know about these best cryptocurrencies of 2022. Here are some of the latest updates:


With the bull market condition, Bitgert is making significant gains as the price has been rising steadily today. Bitgert, the surging price comes after yesterday’s plunge, where most cryptocurrencies recovered by the end of the day. The other latest update from the team is the coming of the metaverse product.

The team just announced the development of a metaverse product for the Bitgert network. Bitgert is entering the metaverse industry, and the product will be launched in the upcoming roadmap V 2.0. This is good news for the Bitgert investors since the project continues to get more products, which means better returns.


The latest update from Centcex was about the ongoing building of products for the ecosystem. The team is in the advanced stages of developing the first project for the Centcex ecosystem, the Centcex exchange. The no-KYC exchange is already causing a lot of anticipation in the crypto community due to its attractive user data safety measures.

The Centcex team has announced the completion of critical components of this exchange. The user interface (UI) and the Database structure are already complete. Soon, the team might release more news regarding the development of the Centcex exchange. It may be the release of the beta version of the exchange.


The Safemoon team has been releasing a lot of updates regarding the development of this project. With the full launch of the Safemoon V2, there has been a lot of exciting things about the project. One of them is the increasing number of wallet holders. The team just celebrated the 1 million Safemoon wallet holders.

But the latest update from the Safemoon team is the listing on the Mandala Exchange. This is good news for the SFM holders and the interested buyers. They can access the SFM token on more platforms. With the about to launch Operation Phoenix, there is a lot of updates coming from Safemoon.

Saitama Inu

The Saitama Inu team has started releasing the products it has been developing for the ecosystem. Note that Saitama is moving to a crypto project with more utility, and this is why the team is developing products. The latest update from the Saitama Inu team is about the recently released product, SaitaMask.

Since SaitaMask was released in January, there have been some issues with bugs. It is still a big problem. The team has been fixing the problem, but there are still some users that are having issues. The team has provided the Saitama Inu community with an updated SaitaMask mobile app that is available on Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Floki Inu

The Floki Inu team has been busy building products for the ambitious ecosystem they are building. A lot of updates have been coming up regarding the products the team is developing. Among the key products currently in the final stages of development is Valhalla. It is a game metaverse product. With Floki Inu building a powerful play-to-earn game, Valhalla is the biggest product the team is developing.

One of the latest updates is the $FLOKI listing on Liquid Global Official, a crypto-fiat exchange platform. The exchange platform enables Floki fans to buy the token with the user by easily using fiat currency. Floki University, a Floki Inu product, has also partnered with TechTree, another crypto information sharing platform.


There is a lot of love for the BabyDoge product, and this can be seen from the fast-growing community. The frequent trending on the BabyDoge on Twitter is a sign of how popular the project is growing. One of the recent updates was about the fast-growing Twitter community, which is now over 900k.

The integration of BabyDoge updates has also been exciting in the crypto market. Another big crypto platform, Simplex, has integrated BabyDoge. Now users can buy BabyDoge tokens directly from their debit cards or credit cards. They will no longer need to go through the Binance exchange.

Radio Caca

Radio Caca, as an NFT and gaming platform, has been doing very well in the market. It has been green throughout the day and has made some good gains. The gaming NFT platform is doing well, with most of the recent updates being on the listing of the $RACA on various exchanges. Radio Caca Farm and Syrup pool are now live on PancakeSwap.

In addition to that, Radio Caca recently announced the listing of $RACA on two major exchanges. The token is now available at StealthEX and Giottus Cryptocurrency Exchange. The team has also announced the joining of ODTÜ Blockchain to the Universal Metaverse (USM). These are just some of the latest updates.