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January was definitely one rough month for the crypto community, but February looks great. The crypto market opened in the green, with all big cryptocurrencies recording impressive gains from yesterday’s plunge. It looks like a good month and probably a bullish first week of February. Besides the price changes, there are also other updates from these cryptocurrencies that crypto investors might need to know. Here are the biggest updates of 1st Feb:


The market is bullish again, and Bitgert is among the cryptocurrencies gaining from the current breather. After maintaining stable prices throughout yesterday, Bitgert is now gaining as the market prices surge in the morning of 1st Feb. We might see the $BRISE close the day at a higher price if the market conditions remain the same today.

The recent announcement by the Bitgert team about entering the metaverse is still one of the biggest talks in the crypto market. With the quality of Bitgert products the team is releasing in 2022, including CEX and zero gas fee blockchain, and now the metaverse, Bitgert is definitely going to be one of the biggest things in the crypto industry. The Bitgert metaverse product is coming during the project’s roadmap V2.0.


Centcex started the month in green, making it one of the cryptocurrencies gaining big during this bull market. This was expected after Centcex made impressive resistance to the plunging forces yesterday. Centcex was also showing signs of surging by the end of yesterday. With the crypto market going bull, Centcex is among the crypto coin that might do well.

The other update worth noting about Centcex is the development of the project, especially the products’ building, which is a key component for this project. The Centcex exchange has been the first product the team is working on. Though the launch date is not yet announced, the team has completed the User Interface and the database structure development.


It is a good day for the Cardano investors as the cryptocurrency is green this morning. The coin has recovered from yesterday’s plunge and is new, recording over a 3% gain in green over the past 24 hours. This is good for the Cardano token holders and more so the yesterday’s dip buyers.

The Cardano team is also working on making the blockchain more competitive and attractive to investors and users. The team has been updating on mainnet and products developments and their improvements. From the Cardano smart contracts to wallet improvements, the team is doing a lot of updates. The Cardano Hydra launch is the next big thing coming in 2022.


A whopping 17% gain in green is what Solana was posting at the time of this writing. This is huge for the investors and, more so, those who ate yesterday’s dip. Solana is among the crypto coins expected to post a good recovery, but the gains have been mind-blowing. With a bullish market condition, Solana might be one of the best of 1st Feb 2022.

However, there is a lot happening at Solana, and currently, there is something coming up soon. As the team is putting it, “the wave is coming” and has created a lot of anticipation within the crypto community. Therefore, this might be the reason why Solana prices have just skyrocketed today. Solana Hacker Houses program is still going on.


Litecoin is today doing two big things. The cryptocurrency is in green with an impressive gain and is trending on Twitter. These are two developments that make an ideal environment for a bullish explosion. Litecoin has recovered the yesterday plunged to record an impressive gain. We might see the gains increase as the crypto market retain the bull condition.

Litecoin trending on Twitter has been because of the recent development regarding the widely anticipated Mimblewimble upgrade. The Litecoin team has just released MWEB Upgrade, which is bringing better scalability and fungibility to the network. The new MWEB will make Litecoin one of the most robust networks.


Matic is green this morning, and as anticipated, it is one of the best performers. As of this writing, Matic was posting a 7% gain in green. This is impressive for a coin that was recording one of the biggest drops yesterday. With the current bullish condition of the market, Matic might continue surging to higher percentages.

With Web3 becoming increasingly popular, Polygon has been one of the best platforms for developers. This is why the Matic has been recording impressive growth. With the fast-growing number of projects on the mainnet, Matic is expected to continue performing better. The joining of Ryan Watts, from YouTube to Polygon studios as CEO is also driving Matic’s growth.


Avalanche has lived up to expectations to recover from yesterday’s plunge to recording impressive gains this morning. As of this writing, Avalanche was posting an 8% gain in green. The market still looks bullish, and thus Avalanche might be gaining more by the end of the day. But the Avalanche is also doing more on the network to make it better for users.

Avalanche is still the fastest secondary scaling solution in the crypto industry. This is one of the reasons why the number of projects joining Avalanche mainnet has been growing fast. With the team working to make the network more scalable and cheaper for developers, the value of AVAX will continue growing.