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The crypto market has been very volatile this month, with most cryptocurrencies losing a significant percentage of their value this month. Still, the last day of the month is not looking good for the crypto industry as most of the cryptocurrencies are plunging. All large cryptocurrencies are red this morning. But there are also many developments going on in the crypto market that are worth updating the crypto community about. Here is the latest news for some of the top best cryptocurrencies of 2022.


Bitgert is one of the very few cryptocurrencies at the time of this writing that was green. The cryptocurrency has been gaining big in the market even during the previous crashes. Bitgert was also one of the cryptocurrencies that have managed to maintain stable prices at the time the crypto market was tumbling. The current bullish condition of Bitgert could be a result of the latest news that the team will be venturing into the metaverse.

Bitgert is entering the metaverse industry, and this is something that has excited the community. There are more people buying Bitgert Brise now due to the anticipated benefits once the metaverse product launches. The upcoming Bitgert CEX and the gas-less blockchain also continue to attract more investors.


Centcex is quickly coming up with products on the 2022 roadmap. But the issue of market performance has also been very pertinent. As of writing, Centcex prices were dropping but very small margins. CENX is still one of the stable tokens during this bear market condition. But there are also more updates on the Centcex development.

The Centcex project promised to develop an unlimited number of crypto apps. The first of the many products the team will be developing is the Centcex exchange, which is now in very advanced stages of development. Information by the Centcex team released on various platforms, including Twitter, the database structure is now complete as well as the user interface.


There is so much that is coming up from Solana, but the current price plunge is definitely a major consideration. The bear market is coming again this morning, and Solana has been one of the cryptocurrencies plunging. However, this shouldn’t be an issue as it is the market in general that is tumbling.

But the biggest news on Solana is about the ongoing Hacker Houses. This is one of the projects that the team is working on increasing the resources on the network. The hacker houses are bringing more developers to the Solana network. This will see the number of projects on the Solana mainnet increase tremendously.


Cardano has been one of the outstanding blockchains, which is why it has been on the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies for a long time. But it has also been of the cryptocurrencies affected by the market downturns. Today, Cardano is one of the cryptocurrencies in the red, with a percentage of the weekend gain already slashed.

But the Cardano team has been reporting impressive updates on developing the network. From updated Plutus to fixing the Cardano wallet issues, the team is making the platform better. The ongoing preparation for the Cardano Hydra upgrade is also going well, with updates expected very soon.


Avalanche is another cryptocurrency that has been the red at the time of this writing. The Avalanche coin had made a lot of gain in the last few days of the market breather, but now part of it is in the dip. But Avalanche always comes back stronger. There other news coming from the Avalanche is the number of new projects going up.

The last few weeks have seen more new projects on the Avalanche network. Being the fastest smart contract in the industry is attracting more developers looking for faster and cheaper platforms. Avalanche is also looking to add more projects with the expected improvement of the scaling solutions on the network.


Matic might end the month I red as the bear market gets hold of the crypto market this morning. The Matic prices are currently in the red. With more than 6% in the red at the time of writing this article, this is not a small plunge. But this is one of the tokens that always come back stronger. Therefore, Matic is going to recover immediately the breather comes.

In other news, Polygon just hired one of the best YouTube Head of Gaming, Ryan Watts, to join Polygon as the CEO. This is one of the news that saw Matic prices grow this week. The coming of Ryan Watts has given more investors the confidence they need to buy Matic. With the ongoing acquisition of scaling solutions, Matic will be the best coins of 2022.


Even with the news of increasing adoption and endorsements of Litecoin by celebrities, the coin is still plunging. The cryptocurrency is looking good, though the price has been quite stable but still in the red. But the news about more businesses adopting Litecoin has been highlighted recently. The team also announced the increasing acceptance of the Litecoin visa card.

The number of Litecoin holders has also been on the rise. This is after many businesses started accepting LTC, including the Union Bank of Philippines, which has Litecoin as one of the crypto coins it will be trading. The Litecoin gaming and NFTs growth have also been exciting news to the community.