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What makes a crypto project stand out and grow fast is the uniqueness it offers. The ability of the crypto project to deliver better than others is what makes it attractive to investors. All the projects doing well in the market have something unique about them that makes them stand out. On this list, we have some of the top best cryptocurrencies of 2022 and what makes them unique. Read more here:


Starting this list is Bitgert, one of the most talked-about DeFi projects in the crypto market today. Since Bitgert launched on 28th July 2021, it has been attracting thousands of crypto investors because of the uniqueness it offers. First, the Bitgert team has many accomplishments in building the project in just six months. Multiple Bitgert products, including the staking process, have been launched.

But the most unique thing about the Bitgert project is the centralized exchange and gasless blockchain the team is developing. These are products in the 2022 roadmap. There is no other gas-free blockchain in the crypto industry as of writing. With the zero gas fee blockchain, Bitgert will address the problem of high gas fees, which will make the project very popular with developers and other users.


The Centcex crypto project launched about 2 months ago but has been doing very well for this short period in terms of token value and market value growth. There are two unique things about the Centcex project attracting the crypto community. The first thing is the huge number of products and the quality the team is promising. The team says all cryptocurrencies they are developing offers ultra-security and user-friendly features.

The other factor that makes Centcex project unique is the staking reward. The project is giving investors 100% APY of the revenue that is generated by the products. The team says it is producing an unlimited number of products through Centcex lab. These are two major elements making Centcex unique. Check out the Centcex website about this project.


Safemoon is one of the DeFi projects that launched in Q1 2021 and did so well in Q2 2021. The first uniqueness of the Safemoon coin is the reflections it introduced into the crypto industry. This is a token holders’ rewarding system that has become increasingly popular with most of the projects coming up now.

At the moment, the Safemoon team is working on one of the unique projects in the crypto market. The Safemoon Project Phoenix comprises a bunch of innovations that will decentralize key industries. The widely talked about innovation is the wind turbines energy, where the Safemoon team is availing small wind turbines. These are just some of the key factors that make ideal Safemoon unique. 

Saitama Inu

Saitama Inu start as a dog project with the objective to educate the youth on making smart financial decisions. But the project has since been transforming into a crypto project with real utility. This is what is making it unique and more attractive. There are more crypto investors putting their money on Saitama Inu with the development of the Saitama ecosystem.

The Saitama Inu team is working on developing major products that will give this token real value. One of the things that will make this project stand out. The powerful SaitaMask has just been launched and doing very well in the market. The SaitaMarket, and SaitaMaker are other products coming up soon. This is what makes this project unique.


As one of the many dog coins in the market, BabyDoge has been one of the unique meme coins. This is the reason why this cryptocurrency is doing very well. In fact, BabyDoge is one of the cryptocurrencies that have been trending on Twitter recently, and its community is growing fast. There are several things that make BabyDoge stand out.

One of the most unique things about BabyDoge is the token utility. The BabyDoge token has real use in the real world. There is already a BabyDoge mobile app and a card that enables token holders to buy merchandise from various online stores such as Shopify, among others. The utility of the token is one of the biggest unique things.

Floki Inu

There are a number of things that make Floki Inu unique, and we can start from the origin of the crypto coin. Floki Inu is a coin that was formed by the Shiba Inu community. The cryptocurrency name is after the Elon Musk pet. These are two factors that enabled Floki to build the community fast.

But the recent transformation of the crypto project to a more utility project is making it more unique. The Floki Inu ecosystem will be home to a vast range of products, with Valhalla, an NFT gaming metaverse, being one of the biggest products coming. The Floki team is also launching more products, including an NFT marketplace.


The most unique thing about the Metahero crypto project is the scanning technology it offers. The Metahero 3D scanning technology is one of the most advanced in the crypto industry and has been doing getting popular with a range of markets. The technology is widely being used in the metaverse and gaming industry for the creation of 3D avatars.

Today, Metahero scanning technology spans almost all industries. Fashion, Virtual Reality, Social Medial, mainstream media, and many others are using the Metahero 3D scanning technology because of its advanced nature.