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The crypto market is very volatile, and crypto prices can change from extreme high to extreme low within a very short time. The Month of January has been the most volatile so far. There has been a number of crashes throughout the month, and we are closing this month in the red zone. But what are the price updates for the top cryptocurrencies of 2022? Well, here are the latest price updates from the top cryptocurrencies:


The market is bearish, and Bitgert is one of the cryptocurrencies doing very well in this bear market. Bitgert has been one of the cryptocurrencies that have been stable. In fact, Bitgert was one of the cryptocurrencies on the morning of 31st Jan was green when most of the crypto coins were red. Even with the dipping market, Bitgert has been able to maintain a stable price.

The bearish market condition may not last long as it has been from the previous crashes. Already, most coins are covering today’s plunge. With the current trend, the prices might start surging soon, even for Bitgert. With the market stabilized, then Bitgert might be among the best gaining cryptocurrencies.


Centcex price stability in the bearish market has been impressive. It is one of the few cryptocurrencies, like Bitgert, that have previously withstood the market forces to maintain stable prices. The market is bearish after a weekend in green, and Centcex is one of the cryptocurrencies putting up a good fight and remaining very stable.

In fact, Centcex investors have been coming in during the bear market to buy when the price is lower. With the Centcex project just two months and developing the first product, it has been an ideal crypto investment. The coming price surge will be a bullish period for Centcex.


Bitcoin had a sharp drop in price in the morning that continued for most of the morning hours before the market stabilized. Over the day, Bitcoin has been making some recovery, but it is still in red at the time of this writing. Bitcoin has been very crucial when it comes to changing market direction. The projected bullish Bitcoin in 2022 might make the entire crypto industry grow.

Bitcoin is trading at $37,425 as of writing, and the prediction at the end of the year is over $100,000 ATH. Therefore, it is still one of the crypto coins to watch in 2022. Once the FED and government regulations are settled, Bitcoin might experience a bullish explosion.


The price of Ethereum tokens has been plummeting today, but this is just one of the many times in 2022. The Ethereum coin is still in red, but the coin has been recovering for the most part of the afternoon. Maybe by the end of the day, Ethereum might have fully recovered from today’s dip.

Ethereum is one of the cryptocurrencies that might do well in 2022. Although the price of ETH at the time of writing was $2,588, the prediction at the end of the year is $8,000. There are many developments going on, including the platform upgrade that might soon trigger an Ethereum bullish explosion.

Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu price has been dipping from today’s morning hours. Despite the recovery, the cryptocurrency is still in red as of this writing. Shiba is one of the cryptocurrencies that have posted the highest increase rate. In 2021, the coin hit a 50,000,000% increase by the end of October. But the coin has been plummeting from then to now.

Shiba Inu still ranks among the top cryptocurrencies of 2022. There is has done a lot so far to get the cryptocurrency back to its former glory. The decentralization of the Shiba Inu network with the Doggy DAO has been key. The team is also bringing more products on the network to give SHIB more utility. Therefore, the cryptocurrency has the potential to recover the dips.


Dogecoin might be plummeting today and for the last few months, but it is one of the cryptocurrencies that might do very well this year. The cryptocurrency is still red, although Dogecoin has been recording some impressive recovery for most of the afternoon. Dogecoin might probably be one of the cryptocurrencies that will manage to recover the dip at the end of the day,

As of this writing, Dogecoin was trading at 0.1399 according to the Coinmarketcap data. This was just 1.16% in the red. Therefore, the coin is coming out of the dip fast. There is massive marketing for Dogecoin, with influential individuals like Elon Musk marketing the coin. Therefore, the Dogecoin price might start surging soon.

Binance Coin

It is clear that the Binance coin has been dropping for the last few months, with January being of the most dipping months so far. The FED effects brought a number of massive crashes that brought Binance coin to $342 at one time. But this is among the most robust cryptocurrencies and has managed to shed off some of the losses so far.

As of now, the Binance coin is trading at $378, which is after recovering the morning plunge. The coin looks like it is going to recover from the plunge if the market remains constant for the rest of the day. Binance is still one of the most sought-after blockchains today, which means a stronger BNB.