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It is the last day of January 2022, and the market is red again. All large cryptocurrencies are in red this morning, a plunging market that started on Sunday. So the market is tumbling, but this has been the case for the whole of January. Apart from the dropping price, there is a lot going on with most of the best cryptocurrencies of 2022. Here are a number of updates crypto investors may need to know about these cryptocurrencies of 2022.


Bitgert project just celebrated 6 months on 28th Jan. Looking at what the team has achieved in such a period, it is just amazing. The Bitgert team has accomplished so much in such a short time. That’s why today morning, Bitgert is one of the cryptocurrencies posting bullish growth and still in green while many cryptocurrencies are red. Bitgert is also one of the crypto coins trending on Coinmarketcap this morning.

The latest Bitgert update has been about the metaverse industry. The team has just announced that Bitgert is entering metaverse and will soon be launching the metaverse product. This is great news because metaverse is where the world is heading, which is why big companies like Apple, Facebook, and others are putting serious investment in it.

The fast-growing Bitgert community has also been one of the many highlights. The Bitgert website has more info, including the tier-1 exchange listing and the soon-to-be-launched iOS wallet.


The market is crashing again, but Centcex is among the cryptocurrencies posting stable prices. This is not the first time Centcex is stable when the market crashes. The cryptocurrency has been offering high resistance to dipping market forces and gaining huge during the breathers. That’s why Centcex is one of the cryptocurrencies that have been posting growth in January.

The Centcex team keeps the community updated on the project developments and more so on the products. As one of the crypto projects dedicated to cryptocurrency products, the team has the first product in the advanced development stages. The Centcex exchange is the first product, and the user interface and its database structure components are already complete. More updates will be coming up regarding the Centcex exchange development. Visit the Centcex website for more.


Cardano is red this morning. But the Cardano team has so many updates, especially regarding the development of the network. With scalability, security, and decentralization being an issue in blockchain, the team is working on the network to achieve the best performance. Improving Plutus, the Cardano smart contracts has been one of the latest updates. The Cardano team just worked on the updated Plutus version.

The Cardano team has announced the improvement on the Daedalus, which will make the wallet better. There is still a lot of development on Adrestia, which makes it easier for the developers on the Cardano network. There is a lot of work done on the public p2p testnet, with most of the raised governance issues fixed.


Solana is red this morning, having lost some of the weekend’s gains. But this is one of the cryptocurrencies that always come back stronger. The fact that Solana is still the fastest blockchain in the market today makes it one of the most sought-after networks by developers and also investors.

The Solana team is also making huge developments in an attempt to bring more projects. The Solana Hacker Houses are one of the projects the team is pushing and could be around for the next month or so. In the Solana Hacker House, the team plans to get more developers onto the network. More Solana products and projects are coming up in 2022 that will make one of the best cryptocurrencies in the market.


Litecoin has been one of the affected cryptocurrencies by the current plunge. The coin has been losing some of its weekend gains this morning. But Litecoin always comes back stronger to recover the loss. The other update from the team is the use of the Litecoin Visa Card, which is now enabling token holders to buy from millions of merchants across the world.

Litecoin has also been celebrating the growing adoption of LTC and has been updating on the official Twitter account. There have also been more products on the Litecoin network, with the Gaming platform and the NFTs being some of the latest products doing well. The growing number of Litecoin wallet holders has also been one of the updates the team released recently.


Matic was red at the time of this writing. However, Matic has been outperforming most of the rival crypto coins in the market, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. In fact, Matic has been one of the cryptocurrencies that recorded impressive growth both in price and market value. There are a number of factors that have been making Matic perform well with high-profile hiring.

Recently, YouTuber Ryan Watts joined Polygon studios as the CEO, and this has had effects on the Matic’s performance. The Polygon team has also been working on improving the smart contract with more scaling solutions. The increasing number of projects on the Polygon network have also been growing Matic stronger,


The morning of 31st Jan started with Avalanche in red. The Avalanche coin has one of the biggest dips in the market right now, with 9% in the red. However, this is nothing to worry the Avalanche community because the cryptocurrency always makes a huge comeback from such drops.

The other update is on the growing collection of projects joining this network. Avalanche being the fastest smart contract and its compatibility with Ethereum has been one of the biggest reasons more developers are joining it. The Avalanche’s community fast growth has also been among the updates the team shares. Avalanche is among the cryptocurrencies to watch, especially with the increasing scaling solutions.