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The cryptocurrency market is coming out of probably one of the hardest months of 2022, January. But the crashing market prices did not stop the crypto project from developing and posting massive growth in January. So what are the major updates that stood out from these top cryptocurrencies of 2022? Well, here are some of the crucial updates worth noting:


Bitgert crypto project surprised its community with news of entering the metaverse industry. This is one of the updates of January that took the community by surprise. The metaverse is one of the fastest industries, and most of the companies are entering into it, including Facebook, Apple, and many others.

The Bitgert team plans to launch the metaverse product after the roadmap V2.0. In addition to the metaverse industry, the Bitgert community is growing fast. According to the Bitgert team’s latest tweet, the community has grown to 84,000 holders. These are the latest updates from the Bitgert team. More on tier-1 exchange listing updates are expected soon.


In the last two months since the launch of the Centcex crypto project, the team has been very active all social media platform communication the ongoing developments. The Centcex team is developing products for cryptocurrency technology, and at the moment, they are building a powerful cryptocurrency exchange.

According to the team, the Centcex exchange will be ultra-secure with no-KYC features. These are features the community is looking for in exchange. The updates on the Centcex exchange development is the latest update from the Centcex team. From the recent tweet, the database structure and user interface for the exchange are now complete. With the products development taking shape, more updates are expected.


The Solana Hacker House is the biggest project that the team is working on right now. A look at the Official Solana Twitter shows that the team is taking this project seriously. It is a global project being carried out by the Solana engineers with the objective to meet as many developers as possible. The objective is to bring as many DeFi and NFT as possible.

From the recent updates, the Dubai Solana Hacker House is coming in February, and thus, this is a project that is likely to take some time. With more developers on the Solana network, the values of the coin will automatically increase. The Solana NFTs has also been a big highlight for this project, with the $1 billion sales record being a big milestone.


Avalanche dominance in the smart contract world cannot be under-emphasized after the platform became the fastest layer-2 scaling protocol in the crypto industry. A number of updates have been coming up from the Avalanche team, but the burning of the Avalanche tokens was one of the recent highlights. The Avalanche team just burned 700k $AVAX, and this has created a huge demand for the token. The impact on the price will be seen in the coming days.

The fast-growing Avalanche community has also been one of the biggest highlights. The team just celebrated the 540k followers on Twitter, and the number is growing fast. The Avalanche team has also been working on more scaling solutions to make the contract faster and cheaper.


Probably the biggest recent update on Litecoin is the continued adoption of LTC by more merchants. As the Litecoin team says, there are millions of merchants across the world that are accepting Litecoin. The recent to come in is Harbor Custom Development, Inc., a public real estate company. This is big news for the Litecoin holders, who are likely to benefit from the surging prices.

The more endorsement of the con by popular celebrities is also another update in the recent past. The fact that Danielle Moinet, a WWE star, chose to be paid in Litecoin is a big endorsement of the coin. There are more highlights that have been coming from the team, including Litecoin Gaming, NFT, and many others.


Recent Cardano updates have been on the development the team is undertaking to improve the efficiency of the network. The Cardano Plutus team has been on the Plutus Core, where they recently updated the community on the new version of the Plutus core. The upgrade version is expected to provide a better users experience on the network.

There have also been many updates flakes, which according to the Cardano team, have improved the performance of the Cardano wallet. The Cardano hydra program is also going well, and the team will launch it soon. According to the team, the Hydra upgrade is expected to launch in 2022. More information is coming up regarding the Cardano Hydra progress.


The Matic token has been doing well despite the highs and lows experienced as a result of crashes experienced throughout January. But Matic has proven to be one of the crypto coins that can recover very quickly. In fact, Matic topped the group of the cryptocurrencies that recorded huge gains. The fast growth Matic coin has resulted from fast-growing Polygon, a layer-2 scaling platform.

Polygon (token Matic) is built for the Ethereum network to help scale it. With Polygon smart contract, Ethereum developers have a platform that offers faster and cheaper transactions. The recent update from Polygon has been the increasing number of projects joining the smart contract. This is one of the reasons Matic is showing bullish growth.