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The market is again looking bullish, with some of the coins like Bitcoin and BNB recording impressive gains over the last two days. But there are cryptocurrencies that have been very bullish in the market not just the last two days but for some time now. Read more about the cryptocurrencies in this list and learn which are the most bullish in the market right now:


In the list of the most bullish crypto coins in the market, Bitgert is among the top best. Since Bitgert launched in late July 2021, the crypto coin has been growing fast, making it among the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies of 2021. At the time the market was tumbling in January, Bitgert was one of the cryptocurrencies that retained a stable price, with very marginal drops.

The fast-developing Bitgert project is the reason why this cryptocurrency has been bullish. Everyone wants to be part of this powerful DeFi project developing a centralized exchange and gas-free blockchain. In addition to that, the Bitgert team has announced that it will enter the metaverse industry.

All these fascinating developments around Bitgert are why this project is growing bullish. With more products coming up in 2022, including the CEX and gasless blockchain. More about the project is on the Bitgert website.


The Centcex project not only withstood the crashing crypto market this month but also blew up as one of the most bullish coins. The Centcex cryptocurrency has been doing well in 2022, where the coin managed to make huge gains during both the bearish and bullish market conditions. There are many factors that could be explaining the bullish condition of the Centcex coin.

The fact that Centcex is one of the new projects with astounding features is the reason this cryptocurrency is growing fast. The Centcex team is also offering a range of products developed for the ecosystem. Centcex is a crypto project that is offering investors one of the best rewards. With 100% APY of the product’s revenue going to the staked tokens, this is a project that token holders will be making a lot of money.

These are the reasons why thousands of crypto investors are buying Centcex tokens today. The Centcex coin will continue growing bullish with the launch of the products.


The market at the time of this writing is good for the Solana coin. The cryptocurrency is green, and this is after some dips the Solana coin recorded during the recent downturn. Solana has all the reasons to be one of the fastest-growing crypto coins, with the fact that it is the fastest blockchain giving it an advantage. The Solana protocol is now supporting a throughput of 65,000 transactions per second. This is thousands of times faster than Ethereum.

Immediately the market stabilizes, and the Solana protocol gets faster, $SOL will be one of the bullish coins in the market. The Hacker House program aims to bring more projects to the Solana network, which will also make the coin bullish.


There is no doubt that Avalanche is one of the forces to reckon with when it comes to scaling solutions. Avalanche is one of the layer-2 solutions that have remained competitive in the industry. It is still the fastest smart contract in the market. This is the reason why Avalanche is one of the cryptocurrencies doing well right now.

It is also important to note that Avalanche has one of the fastest-growing communities right now. A look at the growth of the Twitter community shows why Avalanche has been growing fast. The compatibility of the Avalanche protocol with Ethereum smart contracts is one of the drives of this bullish growth.


Litecoin is one of the digital coins doing well because they got into the crypto industry first. Launched in 2011, Litecoin has built a huge community and is also one of the largest held coins in the market. In the recent reports, LTC comes third after Bitcoin and Ethereum as one of the widely held cryptocurrencies. That’s why even a small breather makes Litecoin gain big in the market.

Litecoin is one of the coins doing well in the market right now. The team is also making smart moves that catch investors’ attention, like introducing Litecoin Gaming and NFTs in the networks. With the moves the Litecoin team is making, this is one of the cryptocurrencies to watch today.


Cardano has every year been one of the cryptocurrencies to watch. This is because of the impressive roadmaps that Hoskinson has been putting, and the team has been accomplishing all the targets. This might be the year that Cardano will be the fastest blockchain in the industry. The scaling upgrade is one of the biggest projects the Cardano team has undertaken.

The Cardano team has developed a powerful layer-2 scaling solution called Hydra. It is part of the popular Basho Phase that is going to make the Cardano network faster and more decentralized. The team is expecting to hit 1 million transactions for second very soon.


Among the many cryptocurrencies projected to make it big in 2022 is Matic. It is a token that has massive potential to explode in 2022. Matic has been powered by the Polygon network, which is fast growing to the best Ethereum scaling solutions. The growing number of developers moving to the polygon mainnet is growing fast, and this is why Matic is doing well.

Matic has all signs of bullish growth with growth which Polygon is posting. With more Polygon scaling solutions, Matic will continue growing due to the rising demand. The crypto coin is green but could go bullish in the coming days.