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The morning of 29th Jan looks good for the crypto community because all the largest cryptocurrencies are green. Despite the FED’s moves that have tumbled the crypto market, it looks like this weekend might be bullish. Apart from the surging market prices, there are many other updates from these cryptocurrencies worth noting today. Here are the 29th Jan updates about these top cryptocurrencies:


The hottest news today about Bitgert is that the crypto project is entering the metaverse industry. This is big news for the Bitgert community as metaverse is one of the fastest-growing industries. What this means for the Bitgert token is that $BRISE is getting more utility, which is good for both the token holders and the staked tokens.

The other Bitgert update is the growing number of BRISE holders. The recent update from the Bitgert team shows over 84,000 holders, making it one of the fastest-growing communities. In other news, Bitgert just got listed on Crypto.com, one of the best DeFi wallets in the market.

There are many updates coming up soon, with tier-1 listing and the iOS wallet going live being the widely anticipated news. For info, check out the Bitgert website and social media platforms for more updates.


Centcex is one of the crypto coins now making massive gains in the market. The Centcex coin is green and could be one of the most bullish coins today. Note that Centcex is one of the cryptocurrencies that managed a very stable price during the plunge. Therefore, when other coins are recovering from the crash, Centcex is not recovering but growing and growing fast.

The other update provided by the team is the completion of some of the key parts of the Centcex exchange. This is the first among the many products the team is developing for the project’s ecosystem. According to the updates, the Database structure, as well as the user interface, are now complete.

More updates are expected regarding the accomplishments of the Centcex 2022 roadmap. This includes the staking program and others. The Centcex website has more information about this project.


Cardano was the first crypto project to successfully implement the PoS consensus mechanism. The technology made Cardano the safest blockchain and also improved the speed of the blockchain. But the coming of Solana has made the competition go a notch high. The Cardano team is coming back stronger in 2022.

The biggest thing that Cardano is working on right now is upgrading its scaling protocol. The team is launching the Hydra program to address the scaling issue. The layer-2 scaling solution is expected to scale 1 million transactions per second. This tps impact on the Cardano network will be huge, with more projects joining the network.


Solana is still the fastest blockchain, and it seems like it is getting better with time. At the time, Solana network speed was about 65,000 transactions per second, which was insanely high compared to Bitcoin. But with a 400,000 tps demand, the team is working on better scaling solutions to address the demand. Therefore, the crypto community can expect a faster network.

The Solana team is also increasing the token utility by increasing the number of projects on the network. This is the major reason Solana Hacker House is one of the biggest things right now. The Solana and Metaplex engineers are meeting developers worldwide, emphasizing the DeFi and NFT projects. These moves like to make Solana the next big thing in 2022.


Litecoin has been doing well in the market despite the price crashes that have been experienced this January. In fact, Litecoin is one of the cryptocurrencies that have been doing very well in the market. The biggest update that has been coming up is the growing adoption of Litecoin by the mainstream business.

Harbor Custody Development, a public real estate company, is one of the latest businesses that are now accepting LTC payments. There has also been news about the Union Bank of the Philippines trading Litecoin. Still, Litecoin is the third most widely held cryptocurrency, according to recent studies. 


Invest in Matic today, and you might have made one of the best crypto investment decisions. It is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies of 2022 based on the previous growth. Matic has been ranked among the cryptocurrencies that might perform better in 2022. The biggest reason why Matic has been performing so well is the demand the Polygon network has built in the crypto market.

There are so many projects joining Polygon from Ethereum due to cheaper and faster transactions. This is one of the reasons why Matic is doing well in the market. With expected scaling improvements of the Polygon system, it is expected that Matic will be performing better.


One of the biggest reasons why Avalanche is doing so well in the market is the faster and cheaper transactions. In fact, Avalanche is the fastest smart contract in the market. It is one of the best layer-2 scaling solutions in the market, and that’s why there are so many projects joining. Note Avalanche has also been working on more advanced scaling solutions to make the network even faster.

With the huge number of web3 projects and dApps joining Avalanche, this is one of the biggest projects to watch. There are also many DeFi and NFT projects joining the network. Avalanche might be the next big thing in 2022.