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The crypto market has been plummeting the whole of January. However, there have been episodes of bullish recovery where investors have made money. A lot is being achieved in developing crypto projects, and every day, there is something new. New developments are coming up, some of which greatly determine the direction the crypto market is heading. What’s happening today in these best cryptocurrencies of 2022? Here are some of the latest news of 28th Jan:


The latest news from Bitgert is the listing of the $BRISE on Crypto.com. The team announced the listing on the project’s Twitter account, and the Bitgert community was excited. The List comes at a time when $BRISE is in the final stages of listing on a Tier-1 exchange. According to previous information, it might be KuCoin or Gate.io.

The team is also working on Bitgert products in the 2022 roadmap. You need to look at the recent reports regarding the development of the Bitgert CEX, which releases in Q1 2022. The team has also been reporting on the Bitgert gasless blockchain development. It will be a gas-free blockchain that uses parachain technology. The Bitgert website has tons of information about this DeFi project.


The Centcex project has been posting impressive performance in the market today. The crypto investors that bought Centcex coins yesterday during a bear market are making huge returns from the surging prices. Let’s hope this surge continues into the weekend. The Centcex team is still working hard to deliver the roadmap and has so far shared impressive progress in the construction of the Centcex products.

The Centcex crypto exchange is developing just like the roadmap promises. The recent communication from the team confirmed excellent progress. The exchange has the database and UI now complete. The team might also start working on the staking program soon. The Centcex website has more info about this project.

Shiba Inu

Something big is happening at Shiba Inu, according to the team. On the project’s Twitter account, the team has announced that something big is coming up soon. This has left many people speculating on the big thing that might drastically make the coin bullish. But the team has been doing a lot to make Shiba In big again.

The Shiba Inu just launched the Shiberse, which is a product tapping into the fast metaverse industry. There is also a lot of developments around the Shiba Inu ecosystem, including the launch of the Doggy DAO. There is a lot going on, but the upcoming’ big thing,’ as the team calls it, is the biggest news of today.


Bitcoin is gaining again up from the $33k it traded just the other, and it looks like it might get stronger with time. Like most large cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has been doing very well even with the FED-driven crashes the market has been experiencing. The latest news is the bullish Bitcoin in the morning, and this might go on for the whole day.

In other news, Bitcoin has been facing opposition from the IMF. There has been a lot of pressure on El Salvador, the only country that has Bitcoin as legal tender, to strip BTC of its status. But the Bitcoin $100,000 is still promising, and soon, the coin might start its bull run.


Ethereum falling prices have been one of the biggest concerns for crypto investors. Despite the price prediction being $8,000 at the end of the year, the recent crashes have seen Ethereum’s price fall from $4k to below $2.5k in the fourth week of Jan. The plunge, however, has been caused by the recent FED financial control.

However, Ethereum is still one of the biggest blockchains. The team is working to make Ethereum more competitive with the upgrade of the project protocol. Therefore, Ethereum is one of the projects worth looking at in 2022.


Will Dogecoin be one of the cryptocurrencies accepted by McDonald’s? Well, the recent Tweets between Elon Musk and McDonald’s about buying food with $DOGE might happen soon. If that happens, Dogecoin might be the first crypto project to explode in 2022. But Dogecoin has been getting adoptions, with Tesla being one of them.

The recent use of Dogecoin to buy Tesla’s Cyberwhistle marks one of the first products that $DOGE holders have bought using the token. The low-key marketing of Dogecoin that Elon Musk is spearheading might make this crypto big. Therefore, $DOGE  is one of the coins to watch.

Binance coin

Binance coin has been doing well today, making a bullish in the early hours of the morning before it started stabilizing. The latest news regarding the Binance coin is the announcement of new tokens and trading pairs. According to the information released through Twitter, there are 26 new tokens and 825 new trading pairs. This is good news for traders on Binance.

The Binance coin is also expected to gain more in the market with the increasing population of the Binance In-game NFTs, which according to the team, are growing popular fast. With the increasing number of tokens and trading pairs, the Binance exchange will continue recording the largest volumes of traded tokens.