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January might have been the roughest month of 2022. Most of the coins have recorded over a 10% drop of the 31st December 2021 value. In short, it has been a plummeting month for most coins despite the few episodes of bullish growth in between. The FED’s monetary control has negatively affected the crypto industry, but how is the market right now? Has the bullish market started for these best cryptocurrencies of 2022? Read more here:


Despite being rated as one of the highly potent cryptocurrencies of 2022, Bitgert has not started the widely anticipated bull run yet. What is being experienced right now is a price surge driven by the trust investors have in Bitgert and the project potential. The upcoming Bitgert products will be the major drivers of the bull run.

A look at the Bitgert roadmap and the updates the team provides shows that one of the key products, Brise centralized exchange, will launch in Q1. This is when the bull run is expected to be felt. But the launch of the Bitgert blockchain that is gas-less is when the cryptocurrency will explode.


Centcex crypto coins managed to remain stable when other crypto prices were crumbling. As of this writing, Centcex was also very stable and in the green despite other big cryptocurrencies showing signs of fast plummeting. The massive growth the project is showing should not be confused with the bullish explosion the team is promising.

With no product released yet, the current Centcex growth is based on the potential the project is selling. Immediately the Centcex exchange, which is now in the advanced stage of development, is launched; that is when the actual bull run will be experienced. Check the Centcex roadmap for more.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is still expected to explode like it did in 2021. That’s why the Shiba community is still holding on to the coin with the hope that the bull run is coming. The coin has been showing good signs of growth, especially with the improvement of the Shiba Inu ecosystem. But the bull market for this coin is yet.

A lot that might change regarding the FED regulation might also be affecting the growth of most cryptocurrencies. However, with the full launch of the Doggy DAO and the products the Shiba Inu team is developing for the network, the crypto project starts a bull run. So there is still a lot that is coming from the Shiba team.


The market is green for Bitcoin at the time of this writing. But the cryptocurrency is still trading below $40k, which means there is still a long to go. The market is not yet bullish, and what is being experienced right now might be just a breather. But this does not mean that Bitcoin might not be on a bull run.

If the price of Bitcoin keeps surging for the next few days, then Bitcoin might be bullish and could hit a new ATH in just a matter of weeks. However, the market needs to stabilize and have more people pumping Bitcoin to keep the coin growing larger.


Ethereum did not gain much from the recent surge in the crypto market. Bitcoin, BNB, and many other large cryptocurrencies gained a huge chunk of the market in the morning. But Ethereum posted minimal gains, which could be why it is one of the largest cryptocurrencies that is red.

Ethereum is $2,397 as of this writing, which is a big dip considering the projected price at the end of the year is $8,000. The bull run for the Ethereum cryptocurrencies might start immediately after the protocol upgrade is complete. This is when all the limitations on the current Ethereum protocol will be eradicated. With higher speed and cheaper gas fees, Ethereum will be ready for the bull run.


The marketing strategy that Dogecoin has employed is definitely working for this cryptocurrency. The crypto coin has become more visible, and this is reflected in the growth of Dogecoin. As of this writing, Dogecoin was ranked #10 largest cryptocurrencies in terms of market value.

Dogecoin has surpassed Shiba Inu and many other big cryptocurrencies of 2021. It might be possible that Dogecoin might be heading for the bull run with the recent developments. Tesla recently added $DOGE as one of the currencies and even sold items in $DOGE. If more big companies adopt $DOGE, the cryptocurrency might hit a bull run.

Binance coin

It’s a fact that Binance coin is among the large cryptocurrencies that have been hit hard by the recent crashes. Starting this year at $514 and now trading at $384, this is a huge drop in four weeks. The cryptocurrency is doing well now, but this might be just one of the many breathers the market has had for the last few weeks.

Binance coin tops among the crypto coins projected to perform best in 2022. There is a lot the Binance team is doing that will create demand for the Binance coin. The increasing projects on the Binance network and fast-growing user base are factors that will grow BNB. Therefore, BNB might reach the project of $614 by the EOY.