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It’s a Friday, and it looks like it is going to be a good day for the crypto market. Most of the large cryptocurrencies are green, with most of them having already recovered from yesterday’s plunge. Bitcoin has been one of the biggest gainers, and it looks like it will gain more before the end of the day. Maybe it is going to be a bullish weekend. But there is a lot that has been happening in the crypto market. Here are 28th January updates: 


Bitgert team has been making moves in the market that have kept the project winning. The coin has also been doing well and is one of the best performers today. The latest update to the community is about the recent listing of Bitgert $BRISE on Crypto.com, a DeFi wallet. This is a big move the Bitgert team made as it waits for tier-1 exchange listing.

The Bitgert team recently announced the completion of the submission of all the legal documents needed for a tier-1 exchange listing. Also important to note is the ongoing listing of the iOS wallet, and the recent communication from the Apple team has been shared in the Bitgert Twitter handle.

For the Bitgert community, the $50,000 airdrop is still active. Check out the project’s Twitter for more about the exchange and the rules that have been set. The Bitgert CEX and zero gas fee blockchain developments are going well as planned. Check out the Bitgert website for more info about this powerful DeFi project. 


Centcex is making huge gains in the market right now. It is one of the cryptocurrencies recording huge gains in green at the time of this writing. For those who bought CENX yesterday during the dip, this is the time to make good returns. But there is a lot happening at Centcex that is making this cryptocurrency stand out.

The latest update from the team is about the huge progress made in accomplishing the Q1 2022 roadmap. The team recently shared the development of the Centcex exchange. So far, the database structure and the user interface of the Centcex are complete.

The Centcex team is developing a vast range of products that will be running on the Centcex ecosystem. Read more on the Centcex website, including the appealing staking reward.


Today is a good day for the Solana investor. The cryptocurrency has been gaining big this morning, and this can be seen from Coinmarketcap data. But apart from the surging prices, The Solana team has been doing a lot lately, making the project quite attractive.

The Solana team has been working on the mainnet to surpass the current 65,000 transactions per second. The team don’t just want to keep Solana the fastest blockchain the fastest but also the most used. This is why the Solana Hacker House is a critical program aimed to add projects to the network. Dubai Hacker House is coming soon.


Litecoin is green again and looks like it is going to be a big day for investors. The surging prices might extend to the weekend, which will be good for investors. But there is a lot happening at Litecoin that is keeping this cryptocurrency doing well in the market. Among the latest updates are the adoptions and endorsements of Litecoin.

There are many companies that are adopting Litecoin as a payment currency, with public real estate company Harbor Custody development inc, being of the latest. The Philippines bank also wants Litecoin as one of the cryptocurrencies it will be trading. Celebrities like Danielle Moinet, a WWE star, have also commented about investing in Litecoin.  


The Avalanche prices in the market are surging at the time of this writing. This is good news for the Avalanche investors, especially those that invested when the coin was dipping. They are now making huge returns from the investments. But the Avalanche team is a lot of work to the fastest smart contract even faster in 2022.

With Avalanche scaling solution coming up soon, this is one of the projects to watch. The protocol compatibility with Ethereum has also enabled developers to migrate to its network for cheaper and faster transactions. Avalanche remains one of the best scaling platforms, and this is why it’s projected to grow big in 2022.


Just like yesterday’s prediction, Matic is coming out of the dip and has done very fast. Matic is one of the cryptocurrencies with a huge potential to grow big this year. This is because of the fast-growing demand the Polygon network is recording today. Matic is the native token for the Polygon, which is the scaling solution for the Ethereum network.

With the Matic now in the red, the expectation is that it will continue surging for the rest of the day. Therefore, still buying more Matic today could be a good decision by the end of the day. With the fast increasing projects in the Polygon network, Matic demand will keep growing.


Cardano is green again, having recovered from yesterday’s plunge, and recorded an impressive gain this morning. But it was expected that $ADA would make an impressive recovery based on what was coming from the team. There are a lot of investors looking at the ongoing Cardano scaling upgrade.

The team is in the process of launching the network’s layer-2 scaling solution called Hydra. The project is to push the Cardano network throughput to 1 million tps. This is a development that will put Cardano transaction speed above all other projects. More projects and dApps will be joining Cardano mainnet after this upgrade.