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The market has been crashing, and this month alone, there have been three plunges that brought the crypto prices to figures last seen in July 2021. Bitcoin and Ethereum were among the hardest hit. But the crash is also the best time to buy more crypto coins. The dip is the best time to buy and wait for the bull run for massive profits. This list has some of the best cryptocurrencies investors can buy in this bearish market and why they are the best:


When Bitgert launched on 28th July 2021, it attracted a lot of attention from the crypto community because of the products the team promised. The Bitgert team is building one of the most powerful protocols in DeFi. The project is a payment system that enables users to lend, spend and earn. But it will be running in the Bitgert ecosystem.

The Bitgert team is developing a CEX for the ecosystem and a gas-free blockchain. This means Bitgert blockchain users will be able to transfer, trade, and buy tokens without paying a gas fee. This will be a game-changer because there is no other zero gas fee blockchain in the industry and the high gas charges is a big problem. Therefore, Bitgert is one of the best buys in this bearish market. Go to the Bitgert website for more about this project.


Centcex is one of the cryptocurrencies expected to perform well in 2022 because of two major reasons. The team is developing an unlimited number of high-quality and user-friendly blockchain-based products that will be running on the Centcex ecosystem. These are products like exchanges, dApps, and others that will address security, safety, and user experience issues in the existing products. This means millions of users.

The Centcex project is rewarding 100% APY on all the revenue generated by the Centcex products to staked tokens. With the massive number of products in the ecosystem, this will be a huge income for investors. These are reasons why Centcex is one of the best buys during this market. Here is the Centcex website.


Solana is one of the cryptocurrencies projected to be bullish this year. The fact that Solana is the fastest blockchain in the market makes it one of the most attractive projects. There are many developers moving to the Solana network, which will increase the growth of the Solana coin. Currently, the team is carrying out the ‘Home Hacker’ program, which is getting the best DeFi and NFT developers on the network.

This means the number of projects of the Solana network is going to grow tremendously in 2022. The Solana team is also increasing the performance of the mainnet to make the protocol even fast. All these factors make SOL one of the best buys now.


Cardano is among the largest cryptocurrencies that have been very stable in the market. It has retained a potion in the top 10 cryptocurrencies since the token launched. There are many reasons for investing in Cardano today in this bearish market. One of them is that Cardano will be one of the biggest blockchain projects in 2022.

The Cardano team has undertaken an ambitious project that will see network scalability be the best in the market. The team is planning to launch the widely anticipated Hydra protocol. This is a layer-2 scaling solution for Cardano that will see the transaction speed push to 1 million tps. With such a throughput, Cardano will be one of the hottest blockchains in 2022.


Matic has everything a cryptocurrency needs to explode in 2022. Matic is powered by a powerful blockchain, which is the Polygon smart contract. This is one of the best scaling solutions for the Ethereum network. This is why Matic has been doing very well in the market.

Polygon smart contracts offer faster and cheaper transactions on the Ethereum network. This is why the number of developers joining the network has been on the rise. This has been creating demand for Matic. With the growing demand for Polygon contracts, Matic will continue to be bullish in 2022.


One of the biggest reasons why Avalanche would be a good buy in this bearish market is the potential to explode. Avalanche is one of the cryptocurrencies that might explode in 2022. This is because of the huge demand for the Avalanche platform due to the growing number of developers looking for cheaper and fast blockchains.

The Avalanche network is also compatible with Ethereum smart contracts, which enables Ethereum developers to migrate to Avalanche. With the kind of demand growth this cryptocurrency is experiencing, it is one of the best buys. Buy when low and wait for the bull run that is coming soon.


Did you know Litecoin is ranked #3 as one of the widely held cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin and Ethereum? This rank shows the confidence that crypto investors have in Litecoin. The recent development by the Union Bank of the Philippines to have Litecoin as one of the digital currencies to be traded by the bank also shows why this is one of the best buys during his bearish market.

Litecoin is also increasingly getting accepted by many e-commerce stores across the world. The Litecoin team is also working on bringing more products to the Litecoin ecosystem, including gaming and NFT programs. All these are factors that make LTC one of the best crypto to buy during this market condition.