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The question in most investors’ minds right now is which are the best cryptocurrencies of 2022 buy today. It even gets even more confusing when it is a newbie looking for the best cryptocurrency to invest in. This list comprises the best cryptocurrencies in the market today, and we will be looking at the reasons why they are the best. Bitgert and Centcex are some of the best crypto projects to invest in. Read more below about them below:


Bitgert will be among the best performing cryptocurrencies in the upcoming market surge and 2022. This can be seen from the stability the coin gave during the crash. But there are many things that will make Bitgert one of the best cryptocurrencies this year.

By the fact that the Bitgert ecosystem is still developing, the team has a lot of products coming up. But it is the CEX and gasless blockchain that has the crypto community buying BRISE in huge numbers hence driving the coin bullish.

Note that Bitgert still has one of the most innovative tokenomics too. But the Bitgert CEX launching in Q1 2022 will be the most impactful product so far. The gas-free blockchain using parachain will be a game-changer. These are some of the reasons Bitgert is one of the best cryptos today. Go to the Bitgert website for more info.


There are many new cryptocurrencies in the market but Centcex, just 2 months as of this writing, is one of the biggest things in the industry. It is among the crypto coins that withstood the recent crash. The Centcex is still bullish, and the stabilizing market is likely to grow larger and faster. Centcex has also been one of the most exciting projects for blockchain users and investors.

The Centcex team is promising an unlimited number of cryptocurrency applications in the Centcex ecosystem. The 100% APY Centcex staking revenue is the biggest reason why investors are joining in thousands. This is one of the cryptocurrencies to watch, and here is the official Centcex website for more info, including the 2022 roadmap.


24 hours ago, BabyDoge was 8% in the red, and at the time of this writing, the cryptocurrency is green with a 3.3% gain. BabyDoge is on the list of crypto projects projected to perform very well in 2022. There are several features making BabyDoge stand out, and the token value is the biggest one.

As a meme coin, BabyDoge has one of the best token utilities, with the coin being used for shopping in a range of stores. The BabyDoge team has developed a card and a mobile application that integrate the meme coin with e-stores such as WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento. Therefore, BabyDoge holders can purchase goods from these stores using their tokens. The introduction of NFTs and GameFi products is another reason BabyDoge is one of the best buys today.

Saitama Inu

The price for the Saitama Inu was 19% drop yesterday at the same time as of this writing. With the crypto market stabilizing, the coin has made some impressive improvements over the last 24 hours but is still in the red. The recovery speed shows the massive potential Saitama Inu has in the crypto industry.

The developing Saitama Inu ecosystem is one of the reasons why this might be the best cryptocurrency of 2022. The team is now working on then a range of products for the ecosystem with SaitaMask already launched. There are more products coming up, with the team majoring in DeFi and NFT. It is one of the best cryptocurrencies to watch.


The charts show that Safemoon has been the most stable cryptocurrency in the market over the crash period. This is because Safemoon has recently done some changes that have made the crypto project more appealing to the crypto community. These developments are also expected to make Safemoon one of the best crypto investments.

The Safemoon V2 protocol upgrade has been one of the most talked-about development. The project is now running on a new protocol, and this move saw the price of the Safemoon coin surge. There is also the widely anticipated Safemoon Operation Phoenix, which is a bunch of decentralized innovations. These are things likely to make SFM the best crypto to invest in today.

Floki Inu

The 4th week January crash left Floki Inu as one of the biggest losers, with over 21% in 24 hours. But as of this writing, 24 hours later, the coin had already recovered from the dip and was green with over 9% gain. But is the Floki ecosystem that is in the making that is attracting investors.

The Floki Inu ecosystem will transform this cryptocurrency from just a mere meme coin. Currently, the team is working on a range of products for the ecosystem already about to launch soon. Valhalla, FlokiPlaces, Floki Inuversity, and Floki DeFi are the products the team is developing for the ecosystem. Upon their completion, Floki Inu will be one of the best crypto projects.


Metahero had over 20% of its value dipped yesterday, but 24 hours later, HERO has gained a lot to be 6.8% red at the time of this writing. Though Metahero has not fully recovered from the dip, it is gaining soon might be green as the market stabilizes. There are many reasons Metahero might be the next big thing.

The Metahero scanning technology, V3 Metascanner, is one of the most advanced scanning technologies in the market. The technology helps gaming developers to generate high-quality 3D avatars and virtual objects. But other industries like fashion, VR, and many others are also using this technology. But it is their use in metaverse that might make Metahero the best crypto project of 2022.