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The crypto market recovery by the end of the 3rd week of January and early 4th week seems short-lived as the crypto community woke up to yet another crash on Monday 24th. This was not expected, but as long as the Federal Research keeps tightening the financial control, these sharp dips might be experienced for the next few weeks.

The good news is that not all cryptocurrencies are crashing. Some are very stable, and others are bullish right now. Bitgert and Centcex are two among the few bullish cryptocurrencies and are some of the best cryptocurrencies that are worth looking at. Below is more about all these top cryptocurrencies and where they are right now:


Bitgert’s bullish explosion has been one of the biggest talks in the crypto market. To start with, Bitgert has been one of the cryptocurrencies that managed to remain stable when the market crumbled in the third week of January. With a bullish coin, Bitgert has been able to gain more investors as the crypto community looks for stable crypto during the crash.  

Bitgert DeFi ecosystem is already taking shape, with more products launching in 2022. The Brise CEX is in the last stages of development. The coming of the gasless blockchain designed with parachain is one of the factors making Bitgert a hot crypto investment today. Visit the Bitgert website for more information. 


The bullish nature of the Centcex cryptocurrency has been exhibited since the start of this year. It is one of the cryptocurrencies that have remained bullish in all the price crashes experienced in 2022. In the previous crypto market plunge, Centcex posted a very minimal drop in price, and that’s why when the market started rising, the coin was bullish.

Of course, the quality of the project has been the biggest factor making it grow faster. There have been more traders joining this project, which has been growing the price. Read more on the Centcex website about the attractive Centcex 100% APY staking reward and the impressive Centcex 2022 roadmap.


The Solana performance in the market has not been good lately. It is one of the large cryptocurrencies that have been crashing. Despite the gains Solana made over the weekend, the cryptocurrency has been dropping fast on the second day of week 4. But this crash has been driven by the increasing financial regulations affecting all cryptocurrencies.

Solana is the fastest blockchain in the market right now. The Solana team is also planning to make it faster and also increase the project on the network. That’s why the Solana team has been working on the Hacker House program right now.


By Cardano being among the largest cryptocurrencies today, it has also been one of the crashing crypto coins in the market. There are a number of things making Cardano no big deal. One of them is the bounce-back ability of the coin once the market stability. Cardano will make a huge comeback because of the following.

First, Cardano has one of the largest crypto communities and market value. This means it can explode at any time. The second reason is the upcoming speed increment program. The Cardano team is about to increase its scaling speed with the launch of the Hydra program. There is a lot coming up from the Cardano team.


Matic has been one of the cryptocurrencies on the 2022 watch list. But the current Matic crash does not affect its projections as one of the fastest-growing crypto coins. The market has been crashing, it is one of the largest cryptocurrencies, has been hard hit. But there is a huge possibility of a fast Matic recovery, with the ongoing demand for the Polygon contract.

Polygon is one of the popular smart contracts for Ethereum-based developers. The ever-growing demand for this contract is expected to have a positive impact on Matic price. Therefore, hold your Matic as the bull run is coming soon.


Despite being the fastest smart contracts platform, Avalanche is one of the cryptocurrencies recording a drop during this crash. Avalanche got hit by all the crashes of this year, as well as the December one. But still, things look good for Avalanche, with the team promising good tidings ahead.

There is a lot of development around the Avalanche network with the increasing scaling for this layer-2 scaling protocol. It is still likely to be the fastest smart contract in 2022,  which is going to attract more developers, even from the Ethereum network. So Avalanche is one of the cryptocurrencies to watch in 2022.


Litecoin has also been plunging and is one of the cryptocurrencies hard hit by the ongoing crypto crash. However, Litecoin was one of the best gainers from the weekend breather. Therefore, it might be one of the cryptocurrencies that post fast recovery. Despite this crash, there are many reasons why Litecoin might be one of the best performers in 2022.

Recently, Litecoin topped the list of the widely held cryptocurrencies, coming #3 after Bitcoin and Ethereum. There are also more developments where Litecoin has been one of the cryptocurrencies selected by the Union Bank of Philippines as one of the coins to be trading. Therefore, big things are coming from LTC team.