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Today marks the start of the 4th week of the year and probably a long breather week for the crypto market. The third was hard for the crypto community as the prices for all the major cryptocurrencies crashed at an all-time low in 5 months. Bitcoin dropped to a price that was last seen in July 2021.

Despite this price crash, there was good news, especially crypto projects developments. Here are the updates of 23rd Jan from the best cryptocurrencies of 2022 crypto investors should know:


Bitgert stood out as one of the cryptocurrencies that withstood the recent price crash to remain stable. At some point, Bitgert coin was green when the market crashed. On the morning of 23rd Jan, Bitgert was green, with the coin having gained 9% value as of this writing. This is how powerful this cryptocurrency is.

The team is still running the Bitgert Airdrop, which might be closing very soon. Check out Bitgert Twitter to participate in the $50,000 giveaway the team is offering. The iOS wallet is also dropping soon after the team completed the submission of all the legal documents needs.

Also important to note is the development of both Bitgert’s centralized exchange and the zero gas fee blockchains. Visit the Bitgert website for more about the project, including the 2022 roadmap.


Centcex is among the cryptocurrencies that were slightly affected by the price crash, but the cryptocurrency is recovering fast, as per the charts. It was already green at the time of writing. With the robustness that Centcex has shown over the last few weeks, the coin will surely recover during the market breather and even do better. But there is more the Centcex team is doing to keep this project growing fast.

But the biggest update from the Centcex team has been on the milestones achieved with the development of the first product, the Centcex exchange. The team has completed the user interface and the database structure of the exchange. The factor that it will be a no-KYC exchange is what’s making it unique. Visit the Centcex website for more, including the attractive Centcex staking 100% APY reward.


The third week of January has been more about the ‘Solana hacker house world tour.’ The program is expected to continue this week as the Solana engineers, together with Metaplex developers, seek to meet more DeFi and NFT developers across the world. The Solana team is going to all the major tech cities across the world, including Hong Kong, Moscow, and many others across the world.

In addition to that, the Solana coin price is recovering from the recent price plunge and will soon be among the best gainers. The reason being there are likely to be more projects on the Solana network after this Hacker House tour. The Solana team is also working to keep the position of the fastest blockchain by adding more scaling solutions.


The price for Litecoin is rising fast, and soon, the coin will be recovering the dip. It will not be surprising if Litecoin hits a new high for the last two weeks when the market bull run, probably the whole of this week. But there are more exciting updates from the Litecoin team, and of them is the growth of the Litecoin wallet address. The number just reached 118 million addresses.

Litecoin being accepted by more stores like NetCent, Bitpay, and Verifone as currency for payments has also been big news for the project. The recent introduction of Litecoin Gaming and the NFTs has also excited the community. There is more the team is expected to release this week.


Avalanche holds the first position as the fastest smart contracts platform. The network has been providing one of the best platforms for the developers due to its fast speed and cheaper gas fee. The Avalanche team has been working on more scaling solutions to keep this layer-2 scaling protocol faster.

The major update the team has been providing on their social media platform is the introduction of new projects joining the Avalanche network. There are many web3 development projects joining the Avalanche network. The fast-growing Avalanche Twitter community has also been one of the highlights.


The good news today about Matic is that the cryptocurrency is recovering fast from the dip. As mentioned a few days ago, Matic is one of the cryptocurrencies that will be recovering fast from the dip. There are a number of factors that will make Matic come out of the plunge faster, and one of them is the growing demand for the Polygon smart contracts platforms.

Polygon is the network run by the Matic token and has been one of the fastest-growing scaling protocols. It is a layer-2 scaling solution for the Ethereum network. With so many developers on the Ethereum network, Polygon (Matic) has become the go-to platform due to faster and cheaper transactions. This is why Matic is doing well and will continue doing well.


Cardano is one massive recovery, having recovered the last 24 hours loss and now on a 2% gain at the time of this writing. This is big for the Cardano holders because this shows the coin might be bullish in the coming days. The Cardano team is also working towards making Cardano the future financial and social operating system.

To achieve this, they will need to address the scaling issues, which is a big problem, and having Solana on the lead doesn’t do the project any good. The  Hydra program, a powerful layer-2 scaling solution, is coming up and will see the transactions per second for Cardano increase to 1 million. So there is a lot to expect from Cardano.