The selection of the best cryptocurrencies in 2022 is proving difficult because of the huge numbers of crypto projects in the industry. But this does not mean you cannot find the best cryptocurrencies that offer incredible returns on your investment. In this list, we have some of the best crypto projects you can select from this year. In the end, we pick the best two crypto investments:

1. Bitgert

Bitgert starts this list as one of the coins that crypto investors need to watch in 2022. This is a unique DeFi project in that Bitgert is developing a project like no other in DeFi. The project will be the biggest thing in DeFi upon completion. Bitgert is a peer-to-peer payment system that enables users to lend, spend and earn.

Besides that, Bitgert is developing a BRISE exchange, a centralized cryptocurrency. To build a complete ecosystem, the team is also developing a gasless blockchain. The industry has no free gas fee blockchain, which will make Bitgert the only one. In addition to that, more products are coming up as per the 2022 roadmap. For more information, visit the Bitgert website.

2. Centcex

The coming of Centcex into the crypto industry has been a game-changer. The project has changed how crypto investors are rewarded by ensuring maximum economic benefits out of their investments. This is by producing an unlimited number of cryptocurrency products that run on the Centcex ecosystem. This includes the upcoming Centcex cryptocurrency exchange.

The project is offering 100% APY of the generated revenue by the products to staked tokens. This is how the investors are guaranteed to make huge returns from their investments. In addition to that, Centcex is producing high secure and user-friendly cryptocurrency applications. Centcex is a project that will attract millions of users and investors upon completion. Read more on this project at the Centcex website.

3. Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu 2021 performance is still in people’s minds. That’s why a huge number of investors are still holding the token. The cryptocurrency is projected to make a massive comeback based on several factors. First, the team is working on improving the cryptocurrency by addressing the previous challenges. One of them is giving the community voting rights in 2022, and the second, fixing the Whales’ manipulations.

This is being achieved with the use of the upcoming Doggy DAO. In addition to that, the Shiba Inu team is giving the token more value to attract investors. This is through the products that are coming into the network in 2022. In addition to ShibaSwap, the team is developing more products, including NFT projects. Shiba Inu still has massive potential in the industry this 2022.

4. Bitcoin

Almost everyone in the market hopes that they can have a share of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the gold of cryptocurrency, and it might be for a longer time with the recent market projections. The fast-growing adoption of Bitcoin is one of the factors making it one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the market. Unlike most of the cryptocurrencies, there are more businesses now accepting BTC, bigger and growing every day.

The adoption of Bitcoin in real-life use is expected to increase in 2022. The coin is also expected to continue eating into the gold share. All these are factors that will make Bitcoin grow faster and larger in 2022. Bitcoin is one of the cryptocurrencies to watch.

5. Ethereum

The developments happening at the Ethereum network are attracting investors. The migration from the Ethereum 1.0 protocol, which is the old PoW consensus mechanism, to the now Ethereum 2.0, a PoS consensus mechanism, is the biggest development. The upgrade also includes the sharding chains technology. The object of the Ethereum protocol upgrade is to make the network faster, have a cheaper gas fee, and be more secure in 2022.

The second phase is going on well, and there is a feeling the Ethereum team might release the last phase in 2022. In addition to this protocol, the team is working on bringing more projects to the Ethereum network. These moves are expected might make  Ether the best performer of 2022.

6. Dogecoin

With the recent acceptance of Dogecoin by Tesla for goods payments, DOGE is expected to do well. But Dogecoin was still doing fine in the market after the plunge. As a digital currency, DOGE has been doing very well, and the adoption rate in real-world use was high.

The involvement of renowned celebrities is another element driving Dogecoin’s growth. The team of advisors has Vitalik Buterin and Elon Musk. These are very successful individuals in all measures when it comes to blockchain technology and entrepreneurship. Elon Musk has been very influential in the marketing of Dogecoin. These are factors that will drive Dogecoin’s growth in 2022.

7.Binance coin

The Binance coin projected growth this year by over 100%. This prediction cannot be disputed since it is mostly based on the Binance chain’s demand in the crypto industry. A huge number of developers want to use Binance Smart Chain. The Binance exchange is recording the highest number of tokens traded every day.

These two Binance products might make the Binance coin explode in 2022. The Binance team is also improving the mainnet to make the blockchain faster and cheaper. These developments will attract more users, and that’s how the Binance coin will explode in 2022.


Of the 7 cryptocurrencies, it is clear that Bitgert and Centcex are two of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in today. They are new crypto projects with massive potential to disrupt the industry in 2022. Bitgert centralized exchange and gas fee blockchain are two disruptive products to watch in 2022.