The number of cryptocurrencies coming into the market is growing by hundreds every day. Although this gives crypto investors a huge pool to select from, selecting the best projects that offer almost guaranteed returns can be challenging. Bitgert and Centcex are two of the best crypto projects of 2022 in this list that crypto investors need to look at in 2022.

1. Bitgert

The Bitgert team is building the most powerful DeFi project in the crypto industry. There are a number of factors that also make Bitgert the most powerful blockchain-based project in the industry compared to any on this list. The first thing that makes Bitgert better than all other projects in this list of the centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

The second reason why the Bitgert project is better is the upcoming zero gas fee blockchain. The Bitgert team is developing the first gasless blockchain in the industry to solve the expensive gas issue. This will be a game-changer because there is no other free gas blockchain in the market.

Good investors’ rewarding system is one of the reasons why Bitgert is better than these cryptocurrencies. From staking to tokenomics, this is one of the best projects in the market. You can read more about the Bitgert website.

2. Centcex

There are a number of factors that make Centcex a gem in the crypto market today. It is already attracting thousands of investors, and soon they might be millions based on the pace at which the project is growing. The first reason why Centcex is the best crypto project now is its solution to the blockchain industry.

The Centcex team is working on improving user experience and security features in cryptocurrency applications. These are among the biggest problems in the crypto industry today, with many projects being hacked and assets stolen.

The second reason why Centcex is the best crypto is the fast project development accomplishment. The Centcex project is barely 2 months old as of writing, and the team has already started developing the exchange. There is a lot the team is developing in Q1 2022.

The third reason is attractive investors’ rewards, with the Centcex staking giving 100% APY of the revenue the Centcex products will be generating. Read more about this project on the Centcex website.

3. Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is still one of the tokens expected to deliver high performance in 2022. With the momentum the crypto coin came with from 2021, Shiba has everything to be one of the explosive cryptocurrencies this year. The exciting thing about this cryptocurrency is the team’s development in 2022.

The Shiba Inu team is working on giving $SHIB more value and not just a meme coin of 2021. The team has already launched ShibaSwap, and the Doggy DAO is launching soon. There are also more products coming up in 2022. However, the team has not hinted at building an exchange and a blockchain like Bitgert.  

4. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first blockchain technology. It is the first cryptocurrency and still the largest cryptocurrency by market value. The Bitcoin blockchain is still one of the widely used but still has one of the most inefficient networks on the market. Bitcoin blockchain has a poor throughput among the largest cryptocurrencies like Solana.

Bitcoin will be one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies in 2022. With an expected $100,000 price at the end of 2022, this is a coin to consider this year. But Bitgert will have a more efficient and cheaper blockchain.

5. Ethereum

Ethereum is the most widely used blockchain in the crypto industry. This is because of the ability to accommodate the development of decentralized applications with its smart contract. Ethereum is, in fact, the first cryptocurrency to implement smart contracts. This is one of the biggest reasons Ethereum grew bigger to the size it has today.

But is the ongoing Ethereum 2.0 upgrade that is expected to make it the biggest crypto project of 2022. However, the Hydra protocol upgrade is a layer-2 scaling solution and may not address Ethereum’s costly gas issue like gasless Bitgert blockchain is doing.

6. Dogecoin

Dogecoin is a payment system that enables online money transfers across the globe. It is one of the first digital currencies and is currently doing very well, especially with the revamped network improvements and marketing. That’s why Dogecoin is doing very well in the market.

With Vitalik Buterin and Elon Musk as part of the Dogecoin team of advisors, it is giving this project the marketing it needs. Recently tesla accepted Dogecoin as one of the cryptocurrencies for paying goods.

7. Binance coin

Binance coin is quickly growing to be one of the most widely used cryptocurrencies in the market. This is because of the increasing demand for the Binance blockchain products. The Binance exchange is topping in the list exchanges recording the biggest volume tokens traded in a day.

Similarly, there is an increasing number of BSC projects because of a fast and cheaper Binance smart contract. However, the Binance exchange is not centralized, and the blockchain is gasless like Bitgert. Therefore, Binance coin is going to have tough competition from Bitgert.