The crypto industry is currently holding thousands of crypto projects, each trying to provide real-life solutions, blockchain technology, or both. The success of the project will be determined by the ability to provide a practical and lasting solution to the two areas. That is what makes Centcex and Bitgert some of the best crypto projects compared to others listed here.

These two projects quickly disrupt the crypto industry by providing game-changing solutions. Read more on these projects to understand why investing in Bitgert and Centcex today might be the best decision for 2022.

1. Bitgert

Bitgert is one of the crypto projects that are solving both real-life and blockchain problems. This is one of the biggest reasons it is the best of all rest on this list. Bitgert is a DeFi project that is decentralizing financial services by developing a peer-to-peer payment system. The Bitgert platform will enable users to spend, lend, and earn, making it a complete financial system open to millions worldwide.

The Bitgert team is developing a powerful DeFi ecosystem with a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. But the most exciting thing that makes Bitgert the best crypto project is the upcoming zero gas fee blockchain the team is building. The Bitgert blockchain uses relay chains and parachain technologies.

Therefore, apart from users not paying for gas when buying, selling, and transacting tokens, it will be one of the fastest blockchains. There are none of these projects that have gasless blockchain like Bitgert. The team is also developing multiple products for the ecosystem, with over 10 products being delivered in 2022.

These are just some of the reasons why Bitgert is the best cryptocurrency, and you can find more on the Bitgert website.

2. Centcex

The Centcex project is another gem in the market that investors need to consider when selecting 2022 projects. It is one of the projects expected to explode in 2022. This is because of the incredible features the Centcex team is providing in this project. The project addresses the security and user experience issue in the blockchain.

The hacking of cryptocurrency applications is very common, and the team is addressing this by developing products with ultra-secure programming. This will keep all blockchain-based programs super secure from hackings.

The other blockchain issue the Centcex team is addressing is user experience. All the products or decentralized applications the team is developing will offer an unmatched user experience. The Centcex team is developing a platform that rewards investors. The Centcex staking process offers 100% APY on the revenue generated by the products in the Centcex ecosystem.

The Centcex lab is producing an unlimited number of products to ensure massive income for staked tokens. The funding of the Centcex lab comes from 3% of the transaction on the ecosystem. Read more about the project on the Centcex website.

3. Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is a project on the Ethereum network that got massively known due to its explosion in 2021. With the project value expanding by over 50 million percent, Shiba has been one of the talked about crypto projects. Shiba is a meme coin, but the team is recently started an ambitious plan to give the token more value.

The coming of the ShibaSwap and the ongoing launch of the Doggy DAO are some of the developments of Shiba Inu. However, the team has not hinted at the development of blockchain and, more so, a gasless one like Bitgert.

4. Bitcoin

Bitcoin will remain one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the industry for a long time if things stand as they are today. It is the first cryptocurrency and the most expensive, which makes it popular for real-world use. More businesses are now accepting Bitcoin payments. The use of Bitcoin as storage of value is also increasing.

The Bitcoin blockchain still has the poorest scaling, and the gas fee is also very high. These are just some of the limitations that will be addressed by the Bitgert and the Centcex projects. Therefore, as things stand now, these two projects offer better features than Bitcoin.  

5. Ethereum

Ethereum is currently undergoing a massive protocol upgrade. The Ethereum 2.0 is the upgrade that started in 2021 and is currently in the second phase. The Hydra upgrade is a layer-2 scaling protocol that is expected to increase the transaction speed of the Ethereum network to 1 million tps.

This will be a big milestone for Ethereum, but the issue of the high gas fee is not going away. The scaling solution might provide a cheaper gas fee but not a free or gasless blockchain like Bitgert. Therefore, there is still more for the Ethereum team to do to best Bitgert.

6. Dogecoin

Dogecoin is a digital currency facilitating online peer-to-peer payment transactions. As a decentralized financial system, $DOGE is increasingly growing popular in the market, with many businesses accepting it as currency for buying goods and services. Tesla is one of the latest companies accepting Dogecoin payments.

But Dogecoin does not facilitate earning and lending on its platform like Bitgert. Therefore, upon completion, the Bitgert payment system will be superior to Dogecoin because it enables users to do a lot with their money.

7. Binance coin

There is no doubt that Binance coin is one of the hottest crypto investments in the market today. People just want to buy and hold the coin because now it is going to explode in 2022. But the Binance blockchain may not deliver much as the Bitgert blockchain in 2022.

Unlike Binance coin, Bitgert will be operating on a gasless blockchain and a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. These are the two ways Bitgert will be better than Binance in 2022 or upon completion.