The excitement around cryptocurrency is growing fast as more crypto investors buy into the promising projects. The best cryptocurrencies of 2022 are now coming out clear from the moves the teams are making. This is from the updates they are providing to the crypto communities. Here are the top cryptocurrency projects and the recent updates they have released.


The Bitgert team is always ahead of the rest when it comes to releasing updates. This is because the Bitgert project is growing fast, and the team is undertaking major developments. The latest update is the upcoming products the Bitgert team is planning to release this year. The recent tweet says over 10 products is the Bitgert team is launching by the end of this year.

The Bitgert team recently The PAYBRISE product has been introduced among the upcoming products. This is a tool that will enable businesses to accept BRISE payments, and its development starts immediately after the BRISE exchange launch. Already, the exchange database and the user interface are complete.

The Bitgert zero gas fee blockchain is the widely anticipated product, and the team confirmed the development is going on well as planned. Get more about the project on the Bitgert website.


The Centcex team is very active on social media, where it has been keeping the community updated on all the developments. The development of an unlimited product has been the most exciting thing for the crypto community, and the Centcex team is delivering. The latest updates have been on the development of the widely awaited Centcex exchange.

The latest Centcex announcement was the completion of the database structure and the user interface. The crypto community is now expecting updates on the beta version of the exchange and the launch dates. The Centcex team had previously released the web version of the user interface. Check the roadmap and other developments on the Centcex website.


Solana blockchain’s fast speed makes it the most preferred blockchain by developers and investors. It is less than two years of the launch, and the Solana team has delivered the fastest blockchain in the market today. But the Solana team is not stopping in its quest to build the best blockchain for users and investors.

 That’s why the Solana team is upgrading the mainnet to increase the current 65k tps to enable the protocol to process most of the current 400k tps demand on the mainnet. The Solana team has also been working on increasing products to the network, with more DeFi and GameFi projects expected to join.


Cardano came into the crypto market with the sole aim of addressing Ethereum’s shortcomings. The team has delivered on this promise because today, this blockchain is faster, more secure, and cheaper than Ethereum. But Cardano has competition to beat in Solana when it comes to the speed of transactions.

The recent update is the progress made in the upcoming protocol upgrade called Hydra. Hydra is a layer-2 scaling program made by Cardano to address the issue of transaction speed. The scaling solution is expected to push Cardano’s speed to 1 million tps. It is a development to watch as it will make Cardano the fastest blockchain upon completion.


Avalanche platform prides itself on being the fastest smart contract in the market. Avalanche is one of the best scaling solutions in the market today, and that is why it is attracting many users and investors. The Avalanche team is doing a lot of work, which is why the number of projects joining the network, like the Ferrum network, has been on the rise.

Making the Avalanche network more efficient to improve developers’ experience has been one of the major development in 2022. The Avalanche team is upgrading its scaling solution to mate network faster, cheaper and secure. As one of the scaling programs compatible with Ethereum smart contracts, Avalanche is a project to watch in 2022.


Matic is the Polygon, formally Matic network, token. The cryptocurrency is performing in the market has recovered from the recent dip. The updates around Matic are on the Polygon, which is a layer-2 scaling solution for the Ethereum network. The latest from the Polygon team has been about the many projects joining the network.

The Matic team is also working on making Polygon smart contract faster and cheaper by adding more scaling solutions. The Polygon team is working on making the platform faster. They also want to reduce the gas fee costs, which will attract more users. This is Matic will grow faster.


As one of the first digital currencies, Litecoin is increasingly getting adopted for real-world use, making it one of the fastest-growing digital currencies. The team has continuously been improving the network to increase speed, reduce cost and increase safety, making Litecoin one of the most attractive payment platforms.

The latest update is about the increasing acceptance of Litecoin in the real world. More organizations are adopting LTC, with the recent being NetCent, Bitpay, and Verifone. Now Litecoin holders can buy goods and services from these stores. Litecoin Gaming is another recent development the team updated the community about. More is coming from the team.