The crypto industry is growing fast in 2022, and it is clear that the crypto projects are fast delivering their roadmaps. Many projects have made significant moves in the last few days. From the top cryptocurrencies of 2022, there are a lot of updates coming that investors need to know. Read more in this article to see what the top cryptocurrencies have as the latest updates:


The Bitgert team has been keeping the community updated with the latest development on the website and social media sites like Twitter. The latest update from the Bitgert team is the introduction of a new product, PAYBRISE. It is a payment gateway to accept $BRISE as payment by store owners and e-commerce website owners. The products development is starting immediately after the Bitgert Exchange launch.

The other exciting Bitgert update is the development of the BRISE exchange. The team has announced the completion of the user interface and the database structure. Therefore, the Q1 launch is coming fast, after the launch of a beta version. Bitgert confirmed that the development of the zero gas fee blockchain is going on well. Visit the Bitgert website for more about the project.


The Centcex team is delivering too much for a less than two months old project. The 2021 roadmap is complete, and now working on the Q1 2022 roadmap, and everything is going as planned. A lot is going on but the latest update from the team released is about the ongoing development of Centcex Exchange. The team has announced the completion of the user interface and the database structure of the exchange.

A few days ago, the Centcex team released the exchange UI (Web version), and the crypto community was excited to see some of the features. Centcex has also doxxed this month, a move that has increased the confidence level in investors. The Q1 2022 roadmap is packed with more products, including the Centcex staking program. Learn more about this project at the Centcex website.


The team at Solana has been releasing a lot of news about the latest development around the project. There is no doubt that Solana is the biggest gainer of the recent market price surge. It is also one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies in terms of volumes being traded. Many new products have started on the Solana network, as seen from their social media. This includes even metaverse projects.

But is the making of the Solana even a faster blockchain that is exciting the community. The aim is to process the current 400,000 tps demand on the Solana network. Currently, Solana mainnet is doing about 65,000 transactions per second, which is still the highest speed in the crypto Industry. A faster and cheaper Solana mainnet will increase the number of products on the network this year.


Cardano has been one of the best crypto investments since the project launched. It is one of the few cryptocurrencies that have retained the list of 10 top largest crypto projects by market value since it launched. Cardano is rated as one of the best cryptocurrencies in 2022 because of the ongoing developments that are likely to make the coin explode.

Cardano is in the process of launching the much-anticipated protocol upgrade. The hydra upgrade is one of the developments expected to make Cardano one largest cryptocurrencies of 2022. The Cardano team says that the network will process 1 million transactions per second with this upgrade. Hydra is a layer-2 scaling solution that will make Cardano the fastest blockchain in the market.


The Avalanche team has been working on the fastest smart contract in the market to make it even better. Avalanche is one smart contract that has managed to post unmatched speed based on time-to-finality. But there is so much the Avalanche team is working on to make both the network and the token attractive in 2022. With Avalanche being one of the smart contracts compatible with the Ethereum network, the team is improving the mainnet to attract more projects.

The Avalanche mainnet speed and gas cost have been key. The team expects to attract more users with a cheaper gas fee and faster contract. With the increased number of users and the increasing products on the network, the value of Avalanche will be increased automatically.


Matic is doing very in the market after the nasty dip at the start of the month. But cryptocurrency has done more than just price recovery because the Polygon (Matic) team has been working on the platform to make it better in 2022. That’s why Matic price is doing very. Polygon’s smart contract is improving the scaling features for the Ethereum based projects to perform better.

Polygon (Matic) team is working to improve its network’s speed, a lower gas fee, and security. This will trigger an increase in the number of products in the network, which automatically increases the value of Matic. That’s why Matic is one of the cryptocurrencies developing faster today.


Litecoin is still doing well in the market, having maintained a good recovery momentum from the previous dips. The team is also working on this blockchain to make this digital currency more effective and attractive for mass adoption across the globe. The upgrading of the Litecoin network has been ongoing. This can be seen from the over $4.65 billion transacted on the Litecoin network on 15th January 2022 only.

The recent addition of more products on the Litecoin network has been an exciting update. The team is working on adding more LTC utility to make the token more attractive. Litecoin Gaming, a gaming platform powered by LTC, is among the products lately introduced. More organizations like NetCent, Verifone, and Bitpay have adopted Litecoin. These are some of the latest updates.