The year is still young, but one thing that’s clear right now is the cryptocurrencies that might be bullish this year. For those looking for the best crypto projects to invest in, this guide is for you. Here are cryptocurrencies that might be preparing for a bull run in 2022.

1. Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Those who invested in Shiba Inu same time as now in 2021 are millionaires. The coin grew by more than 50,000,000%, making it one of the biggest cryptocurrencies of 2021. Though Shiba plunged at the end of the year, 2022 looks good for this coin because of the upcoming developments.

Shiba Inu is giving more power to the community with the launch of the widely anticipated Doggy DAO. The DAO is giving Shiba community the power to vote for crypto projects and trading pairs. It will also keep away whales, which will make the coin popular.

The Shiba team is also adding more utility to the token by introducing products that might affect the $SHIB value. The coming of the NFT products like SHIBOSHIS might also affect the coin growth. These are just some of the factors that might be preparing Shiba Inu for a bull run in 2022.

2. Safemoon (SFM)

Safemoon may not be doing very well now compared to Q2 and Q3 of 2021, but it might be the best time to buy the token. There is so much the team is planning for 2022 that might set Safemoon on a bull run.

Safemoon V2 launch was successful, and the platform is running on a more efficient protocol. The V2 update has provided the platform with better security, token accessibility, and other exciting features. The protocol update still remains one of the big milestones.

The next big thing from Safemoon in 2022 is the launch of Operation Phoenix. The project is bringing together decentralized innovations, with wind turbines and nanotechnology technology featuring prominently.

Safemoon small wind turbines will enable users to produce their own energy. The Safemoon also hinted at the launch of the exchange launch. All these upcoming development might make Safemoon bullish in 2022.

3. Solana

The biggest benefit that Solana blockchain has over the competition is its unimaginable tps. With the blockchain now posting 50,000 transactions per second, there is no doubt that Solana is a cryptocurrency to watch in 2022.

The Solana team is working on its powerful proof-of-history (PoH) protocol to make the platform more scalable. The aim is to address huge demand on the network that stands at 400,000 per second. This is means Solana might be faster in 2022.

The team is also working on bringing more products to the blockchain. With the continued improvement of the Solana mainnet, the network will be faster and cheaper, which will attract more products. These are just a few of the developments likely to make Solana bullish.

4. Bitgert

Bitgert has been incredible since the project started on July 28, 2021. The DeFi project has developed so much, thanks to the Bitgert team. Multiple products are already launched, and the team is on its way to developing the best P2P payment system. But the coming products might make Bitgert bullish.

The Brise exchange is one of the products slated for the Q1 launch. It will be a highly secure and user-friendly centralized crypto exchange. But it is the zero gas fee Bitgert blockchain that is already causing ripples in the industry. There is no other free gas blockchain, and this is what might be preparing Bitgert for the bull run in 2022.

Bitgert team also doxxed in January 2022, and the project is already being legally registered. Visit the Bitgert website for more about the project.

5. Centcex

Centcex launched on November 19, 2021, and is already gaining traction in the industry. It is a unique blockchain project developing a range of dApp that will be more secure and user-friendly. The team is promising to produce unlimited products for its ecosystem, which will give the incredible token utility.

The Centcex team is in the process of developing a crypto exchange. The Centcex exchange will be no-KYC to solve the problem of user data safety and security. The exchange will also be faster, more secure, and more intuitive than the current exchanges.

The Centcex staking and the Centcex lab are two other products that are attracting many people. The 3% of every transaction going to the lab for unlimited products development is what’s attracting crypto investors. Visit the Centcex website for more about the project.

6. Cardano

Cardano blockchain has a lot going on in 2022 that might make the cryptocurrency bullish. The most exciting development is the upgrade of the cardoon mainnet with the widely anticipated Hydra protocol. The protocol was in the making in 2021 is about to launch early this year.

Hydra is a layer-2 scalability solution designed to increase the number speed of the Cardano network. The upgrade will make the Cardano network cheaper, more secure, and user-friendlier. This will definitely attract more users and give the token more utility.

The team has announced the coming of more dApps on the Cardano mainnet in 2022. With the protocol upgrades, many dApps like SundaeSwap will be launching on Cardano. These are some of the reasons why Cardano might be preparing for a bull run in 2022.

7. Avalanche

The number dApp developers on the Avalanche smart contract has been growing at a fast rate. This is because of the conducive environment platform is providing. Unlike the large blockchains, Avalanche is faster, has a lower gas fee, and is eco-friendly. It is said to be the fastest smart contract based on time-to-finality.

With the continued improvement of the Avalanche contract, the team wants to bring more projects to the contract. The team expects to attract more DeFi and gameFI projects, which will definitely create more demand for the Avalanche token. With more dApps on the network and the improved contract efficiency, Avalanche will have everything to be bullish in 2022.

All these projects have incredible products and other developments coming up in 2022. That’s why they are like to be bullish this year. Extensive research is recommended before making a crypto investment.