Key Points:

  • Bitgert team is doxxing soon
  • The team is registering a legal entity soon
  • Exchange and blockchain launching soon

Bitgert (BRISE), a DeFi protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain, has been the talk of the crypto market for the last few months. Since the coin launched on 28th July 2021, it has proven a force to reckon with in DeFi.

The main feature of this project that caught the attention of crypto investors upon the launching is the innovative tokenomics. The platform is designed to reward investors.

A month after the launch of the Bitgert token, the team started launching products, with Bitgert Audits being the first product. In the next that 60 days, one of the most powerful products, Brise wallet, was launched and followed by the Bitgert Swap.

The team went ahead and listed on over 5+ tier-2 exchanges in the first 120 days of launch. The biggest product the Bitgert released recently was the Bitgert Staking. The staking is still one of the biggest topics about Bitgert, with over $25m worth of Bitgert (BRISE) staked.

The staking is still ongoing and is one of the reasons for buying Bitgert (BRISE) before the end of 2021. But there 3 more things that are going to happen soon that will change the fortunes of the Bitgert token holders. They include:

1. Project Doxxing

The Bitgert project has been operating anonymously for all this time. There have been issues with anonymous projects, even when they are doing well as Bitgert coin is doing. The team announced that it is doxxing the project to improve investors’ confidence. Though it will be a private doxxing, it is one of the developments that will see the value of the $BRISE grow exponentially. This is as more investors will have the confidence to invest in this powerful project.

2. Registration As Legal Entity

Finally, the Bitgert project will be registered as a legal entitle very soon. According to the team, the project is going to be registered in Cayman Island as a legal entity. The team did not provide the exact date, but it has to be before the exchange launch, which should be the next project. This development will change the face of the project completely for the better.

3. Exchange and Blockchain Launch

The Bitgert exchange and blockchain launch is the most anticipated development now. The successful launch of these two products will be a huge milestone for this project. The exchange is coming first in Q1-2022, followed by the blockchain at a later date. Their launch will take this project to the league of Solana and other large blockchains. With the two projects running, the revenue on staking might multiply several folds due to the increased number of platform users.

So much is coming soon, which makes investing in Bitgert before the end of 2021 a good decision. Buy Bitgert tokens at PancakeSwap, and exchanges like MEXC Global, LBank, and Bitmart. Bitgert is a real-world utility and high potent crypto project.

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